how do i tell my mom that this “minimalist wooden nativity set” she put up just looks like a forest of dildos

the holidays are nearing us and let’s just have this festive post once again 

Things that exist: Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
Things that do not exist: "White culture"
Things that exist: Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture
Things that do not exist: "PoC culture"


Montreal Stars vs. Boston Blades, 10/18/14 



A grape, wearing a raspberry.

I am froot.

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Ah yes, fall activities. 🍎🍏🍎

It’s a pretty beautiful day today if you ignore the 10,000 degree sun beating down.